Big Lottery Fund’s (BigLF) investment in the initiative, Fulfilling Lives: Supporting people with multiple needs, aims to improve the stability, confidence and capability of people with multiple and complex needs to lead better lives as a result of timely, supportive and coordinated services so that they spend less time in prison, reduce their drug abuse, are in stable accommodation and have better mental health.

The investment is targeted at areas with a high concentration of people experiencing complex needs where there are organisations with appropriate track records that can take on the challenge of service redesign.

People with such issues often rotate through various welfare and justice systems which can deepen the problems in their lives at a cost to them and society. BigLF’s investment will support these individuals by bringing different organisations and services together to offer them one co-ordinated support service that meets all their needs.

BigLF have funded one partnership in each of the selected areas and they expect local partnerships to bring their intelligence to ensure that the investment complements other interventions in the area. In addition, partnerships should fill gaps in local provision, share and communicate widely on learning and genuinely involve people with multiple and complex needs in the design, development and delivery of the project.

The evaluation team will be gathering evidence, data and learning from the projects throughout the initiative. This will be used to measure the social and economic impact of the investment in tackling the most entrenched and complex needs through services that are better coordinated and person-centred.

Learning, findings and evidence will be dynamically disseminated throughout the initiative lifetime using this site as a platform for that dissemination.